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Shoprate.com has been a trusted resource for consumers to compare and find lowest mortgage rates since 1998. Here at Shoprate, we supply a wealth of online information to educate and guide consumers at no cost. We pride ourselves on providing original, high quality content written by industry experts and award winning journalists.

Shoprate.com's extensive features include the following:

  • The Mortgage Rate Table provides users the ability to compare rates across lenders and choose the best rate in their area. Whether looking to buy their first home or to find the best refinance quote, the interest rate table helps users make smarter decisions when shopping for a mortgage.
  • Expert advice by a panel of highly qualified and experienced mortgage experts providing answers to a wide variety of user-submitted questions.
  • Daily Mortgage Rate Analysis, Trends and Rate Lock Recommendations by Shoprate.com's experts who comb the bond and mortgage-backed securities markets, the stock markets and government economic reports, and compile it into one easy-to-read brief for consumers.
  • Regularly updated content offering tips on a wide variety of finance topics like mortgage shopping, home loan price determination, mortgage insurance and benefits etc.
  • Mortgage Calculators are invaluable tools for helping mortgage shoppers determine how much house they can afford, what kind of loan they may qualify for, how monthly payments are applied to the loan balance and when to refinance.

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