Ask Shop Rate: King Frog

Posted by  on Apr 16, 2009
Do you have refi interest rates here also, if you do I did not find them. The rates listed on Shoprate.com should be applicable for both purchase loans and refinances. The rates quoted are typically for applicants with good credit and appropriate loan to value ratios. Sometimes lenders will have special deals or incentives for purchase or refinance programs which will vary from their quoted rates. Ultimately, the rate you will qualify for is based upon certain criteria including what is listed above as well as income, expenses, credit scores, equity of the property as well as its appraised value, etc.

Always check directly with a lender for the quote for your situation and get multiple Good Faith Estimates so you can best compare all of the fees and costs associated with the loan. Shopping for a mortgage loan is very similar to shopping for any big ticket item, the more time, effort, energy and research you do, the better off you may be in the long run.


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