I just got laid off and my unemployment check isn't big enough to keep all of my creditors happy. What can I do to prevent foreclosure?

Posted by  on Apr 20, 2009

I knew our country was in crisis when I saw Suze Orman on Oprah telling viewers to stop paying credit cards in order to save their homes. When you hear financial advisors handing out this kind of advice, they're really asking you to prioritize your bills. Many of us prefer paying smaller bills first, letting mortgage payments fall behind. When that happens, you may lose the ability to refinance.

Instead, pay your home loans and your utilities first, while setting aside enough money for food and transportation. Pay unsecured debts, like credit cards, last. Remember that you can't be kicked out of your home for a late credit card payment. If you run out of cash before you clear all of your creditors, contact them. Many lenders offer hardship programs that can reduce or eliminate interest until you get back on your feet.


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