Peter Andrew

Peter Andrew has over 25 years of experience writing about marketing, advertising and management. He regularly covers consumer credit card topics for IndexCreditCards.com and other personal finance publications including Fox Business, TheStreet and MSN Money. He also writes frequently about mortgages and auto loans. Peter has spent extended periods living overseas, in the UK, France and Africa. He lives with his partner of 20+ years, and wastes too much of his time on cryptic crosswords.

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Recent Articles of Peter Andrew

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Finding the lowest mortgage rates possible should be your priority, but ignoring points could cost.

Continuing low mortgage rates don't guarantee affordable housing

You might expect today's low mortgage rates to automatically make home-buying affordable. But it is more complicated than that.

Millions who could refinance are missing out as mortgage rates remain low

New data suggest as many as 9 million American households could benefit from refinance deals, but are failing to apply. If you're one of them, you need to ask yourself: Why am I paying more than I need by missing out on low current mortgage rates?

Still-low mortgage rates aren't the only reason to refinance

Rates for home loans edged up this week, but remain at exceptionally low levels. There are lots of reasons why refinancing could benefit your wider financial position even if they go up more.

Falling rates, rising refinances: How to get the best deal

With rates down again last week, the resurgence in refinances looks set to continue. But how can you be sure you get the best deal possible?


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