Richard Barrington

Richard Barrington, CFA, is the primary spokesperson and personal finance expert for ShopRate.com. He is a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, including having served for over a dozen years as a member of the Executive Committee of Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc. 

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Recent Articles of Richard Barrington

6 ways to squeeze refinance rates down

Squeezing refinance rates down as far as possible is an effort that can pay off over a long period of time.

Should I pay points on a mortgage loan?

Paying points can lower your interest rate, but this is not always the best choice when obtaining a mortgage loan.

Refinancing for retirees

Retirement affects the priorities you should consider when refinancing, but it does not eliminate refinancing as a viable option.

Changing course in refinancing: ARMs vs. fixed rates

It is difficult to compare mortgage rates between ARMs and fixed-rate loans, but there are times when it makes sense to make this switch.

How aggressive should I be about the sale price of my home?

Home sellers should take note that, while the rally in housing is continuing, conditions may be starting to shift.


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