Home Equity

Refinancing your HELOC can offer multiple advantages

An examination of some potential benefits of refinancing your HELOC balance.

Re-opening the refinance window

A recent dip in rates may create a new wave of refinancing opportunities for homeowners who are also starting to benefit from recovering home prices.

Need some help refinancing? Try HARP

Low home equity? The federal government's refinancing program has been extended and may provide a refinance option for you.

Cash-out refinancing to help your kids buy a home

Low mortgage rates and affordable home prices are attractive to first-time buyers, but finding down payment funds can be an obstacle. Find out how to use your home equity to help your kids.

Refinancing your home-equity line of credit to avoid payment shock

Back in the days before the housing bubble burst, many homeowners took out a home-equity line of credit in order to access their home equity. Some of those homeowners could be in for a shock if their minimum payments shoot up.

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