Refinancing can impact your refund

Tax time can always be a little stressful, but in a year in which you've made some major financial moves your tax preparation could be more complicated.

Refinancing your mortgage midstream

While refinancing when mortgage rates are lower than what you're paying may seem like a no-brainer, you need to look at a refinance in the context of your loan term.

Should you consider cash-in refinancing?

Plenty of homeowners are familiar with the concept of cash-out refinancing in which you tap into your home equity, but many borrowers are opting to bring cash to the table when refinancing. Find out why.

Paying points to reduce your refinance rate

Whether mortgage rates are high or low, borrowers always want to get the lowest possible rate. Find out if paying points for a lower rate makes sense for you.

Mortgage rate-lock tips for refinancing

Homeowners who want to refinance are often driven by low mortgage rates. Find out how and when to lock in your mortgage rate.

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