Bad Credit Loans

Repairing your credit score after foreclosure

Here's how to bounce back and restore your credit score after you lose your home

Yes you can get a second mortgage with bad credit

Many homeowners fall on hard times at one point or another in their lifetime career, or even prior to owning a house. Credit scores are affected by hard times and the inability to pay bills on time. Instances like this may occur due to medical bills or because of smaller...

How You Can Still Obtain a Mortgage With Less Than Perfect Credit

With all of the fall out from the subprime mortgage industry and all of the new rules and regulations enacted thereafter, it might be still possible for those people with less than stellar credit to obtain mortgage financing.  There are other important aspects in...

Mortgage Options for People with Bad Credit

Whatever the source of your bad credit, there are many solutions to obtaining a home loan. There are many other people in the same negative financial situation as you, and lenders realize this. The bad credit rating may stick with you for a long time, but it does not mean...

The Dangers of a Bad Credit Mortgage

When a mortgage lender evaluates your eligibility for a mortgage, they look at two main criteriayour ability to pay, and your willingness to pay. Your ability is based on your monthly income to debt ratio, and in general, if your total monthly debt does not exceed 36-40%...

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