California State Banking Department Information

Posted by  on Apr 16, 2009
California Department of Financial Institutions http://www.dfi.ca.gov/ Ms. Carol D Chesbrough Acting Commissioner cchesbrough@dfi.ca.gov 1810 13th Street Sacramento, CA 95811 Phone:  (415) 263-8555 Fax:  (415) 989-5310 California Real Estate & Financial Services License Status Check: http://search.dre.ca.gov/integrationaspcode/ California Consumer Home Mortgage Information Website: http://www.yourhome.ca.gov/ Filing a Complaint: http://www.yourhome.ca.gov/filing-complaint.shtml California housing starts hit 25-year low in 2007 Steepest drop in permits seen in Merced, Imperial counties. Housing starts will fall to their lowest level since 1998 in 2007. Excess inventory in housing markets is causing developers to pull hard on the reins of new home building.

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