Current Mortgage Market

Mortgage Loans--A News Roundup

The fact that current mortgage rates are the lowest for 55 years remains the top story on any home loan news roundup. But what else is happening out there?

Lowest Mortgage Rates Break New Records--Yet Again

Last week's record lowest mortgage rates are replaced by this week's record lowest mortgage rates. This is an event that's beginning to prove monotonous. But could more unusual types of mortgage loan help you make the most of this unique opportunity?

Record Lowest Mortgage Rates Remain But Mortgage Loan Applications Down

The number of mortgage loan applications is remaining stagnant in spite of current mortgage rates being the lowest for 55 years. Although many today are unable to move or refinance owing to underwater loans, poor credit, and so on, some must be missing out on easy--and...

Best Mortgage Rates Denied to Some Refinancing with Great Credit

Some people with stellar credit scores are being refused refinancing deals at today's lowest mortgage rates. They're suffering because some lenders have developed extremely rigid criteria that are often too strict to accommodate any but the most standard credit file.

Lowest Mortgage Rates for 50+ Years--Record Shattered for Third Week

Current mortgage rates are yet again at new lows. And this is fueling a refinancing boom. But poor economic data and a struggling housing market are forcing the Fed to consider new interventions.

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