Is it Time to Say Good-Bye to Your Home?

There are several strategies for getting rid of a mortgage that you can no longer afford to pay.

Recent Mortgage Rates Have Made Refinancing Attractive. But Are Other Options Better?

Many home buyers have responded to some of the lowest mortgage rates in history by refinancing. It's a financially savvy move--so why not look at foreclosure bargains too?

I've Defaulted on My Mortgage and am Afraid of Foreclosure--What Can I Do?

While you may be struggling to pay your mortgage, you're not alone. Find out what help options you have available.

Top Five Reasons Why Mortgage Lenders and Banks Will Not Rescue You from Foreclosure

Banks and mortgage lenders do not like foreclosure any more than the people who risk losing their homes. In foreclosure situations, lenders usually lose money on the deal, because the property is often sold for less than the amount owing on the mortgage. For this reason,...

Foreclosure Information State-by State N

Here is the generic foreclosure information broken down state by state from Nebraska through and including North Dakota. Judicial procedure requires a court action. NebraksaJudicial142 day process periodSale done by Sheriff

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