Georgia Mortgage Association Information

Posted by  on Aug 17, 2010

Georgia Association of Mortgage Brokers
Website: http://www.gamb.org/
Address: 4630 Clary Lakes Dr., Roswell, GA 30075
Phone: 770. 993.5507 or 770-698-0023 Fax: 770. 643.9971
E-Mail: gamboffice@gamb.org
FAQ's: http://www.gamb.org/about/faqs.html
Member Directory: http://www.gamb.org/members/search.html

Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia
P.O. Box 801, Macon, GA 31202-0801
Phone: 478-743-8612 Fax: 478-743-8278
E-mail: mbag@mbag.org 

The Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia welcomes inquiries on our members from consumers. You may call our consumer line (Toll free: 877-388-6255) and leave a message or e-mail your inquires to mbag@mbag.org. Complaints against a member company must be submitted in writing with supporting documents and addressed to: Ethics Committee, MBAG, P.O. Box 801, Macon, GA 31202-0801 or Faxed to: (478) 743-8278. You will find a list of our members on our Web Site. We can accept complaints against our members only (not non-members).
Member List: http://www.mbag.org/members.html
Consumer Information: http://www.mbag.org/consumer.htm

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