Knowing when to get a Colorado second mortgage

Posted by  on Jul 06, 2010
There are several options available for getting money out of a Colorado refinance. A homeowner can consider cash-out refinancing, which allows them to borrow funds over the amount of the existing Colorado mortgage. This is money that can be used for any purpose. A home equity line of credit is another possibility for a Colorado home owner. One of the most popular options is the home equity loan, which is basically the same thing as a Colorado second mortgage.

Generally speaking, these types of Colorado home loans have a low fixed rate, and are paid to the borrower in a single lump sum, which is convenient for large-scale expenses such as home improvements or purchasing a new vehicle. In Colorado, this seems to occur more often than not. But luckily, a Colorado second mortgage is available for the homeowner. The application process for a Colorado second mortgage loan is relatively painless, as lenders work with a simple formula to compute how much the homeowner can borrow, and the Colorado home loan rate and terms. Typically, the Colorado mortgage broker will perform a quick appraisal of the property and check the current credit standing and income status. Paperwork is not overwhelming, but since the homeowner is applying for a new home loan, they should come prepared with some required documentation.

Depending on the amount of equity the homeowner has invested in their home, they will be offered a Colorado home loan based on a percentage of the home’s total value. Colorado mortgage brokers have a fair amount of discretion when deciding how much they are willing to lend, so the homeowner should be sure to take advantage of online comparison services that provide multiple loan offers without obligating them to sign any contracts.

When comparing a Colorado second mortgage loan to home equity loan, they should keep in mind that payments on the Colorado second Mortgage will most likely be fixed for the duration of the loan, while Colorado interest rates vary, much like the APR on a credit card account. They should sit down and calculate what type of payments they can afford, taking into consideration their first Colorado mortgage, any car and personal loan payments, and other household expenses. Taking on the responsibility of a Colorado second mortgage shouldn’t be based on common sense, but rather a detailed knowledge of Colorado interest rates, as well as basic knowledge of Colorado mortgages.

One of the most common uses for a Colorado second mortgage is to pay off higher interest balances such as credit card and student loan debt. By consolidating this debt into a single manageable payment, the Colorado homeowner could enjoy better monthly cash-flow and a sense of control over their finances. They should bear in mind that debt consolidation only works if they can make a break with old spending habits and don’t run up their credit card accounts again. Otherwise, they could be left with two sets of Colorado mortgage payments and credit card payments each month.

Whether the homeowner decides on a Colorado second mortgage loan or a Home equity line of credit, it pays to watch Colorado interest rates before signing on the dotted line. They may even prefer the stability of a home equity loan over fluctuating line of credit payments, but they need to remember — with either loan — they are using their home investment to borrow. If they fail to proceed with caution and keep spending habits in check, they risk getting further into debt and even the possibility of losing the beautiful Colorado Rockies home.


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