Nebraska State Banking Department Information

Posted by  on Apr 16, 2009
Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance http://www.ndbf.org/ Mr. John Munn Director John.Munn@bkg.ne.gov Commerce Court 1230 "O" Street, Suite 400, PO Box 95006 Lincoln, NE 68509-5006 Phone:  (402) 471-2171 Fax:  (402) 471-3062 Consumer Complaints: http://www.ndbf.org/consumers/complaint.shtml The Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance investigates statute violations against entities/individuals under our jurisdiction. We do not have authority over criminal activities. Complaints that allege criminal activity are shared with law enforcement agencies. We do not investigate customer service complaints. Such complaints should be filed directly with the business and/or individual. NOTICE: When submitting confidential information to the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, we recommend it be posted by United States Mail or by private mail couriers to: The Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, P.O. Box 95006, Lincoln, NE 68509-5006. Emailing non-encrypted confidential information is not a completely secure option. Please contact the Department if you have a question. If filing a complaint with our agency, please use the following guidelines. Determine Jurisdiction Our agency can only investigate complaints of industries that fall within our jurisdiction. If your complaint involves any of the following, our agency is the appropriate regulator to file a complaint. * A State Bank; * A State Trust Company; * A State Credit Union; * A State Savings and Loan Company; * A Mortgage Lender (not a bank) transaction dealing with real property located in Nebraska; * A Consumer Lender transaction involving a Nebraska-licensed lender or a Nebraska resident; * A Delayed Deposit Service Business located in Nebraska; * A Business (not a bank) located in Nebraska that Sells Checks, Traveler's Checks or Money Orders or engages in the business of Transferring Funds; * A Broker-Dealer or Broker-Dealer Agent that does business in Nebraska; * An Investment Adviser or Investment Adviser Representative that does business in Nebraska; * A Business that is Selling Securities in Nebraska; * A Business Opportunity that is Advertising in Nebraska; * A problem with a Seller-Assisted Marketing Plan; and * A problem with a Rent to Purchase Agreement. Consumer Resources: http://www.ndbf.org/consumers/consedu.shtml Licensed Mortgage Lenders: http://www.ndbf.org/searches/fisearch.shtml

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