Mortgage Process

Comparing mortgage quotes: understanding mortgage closing costs

Mortgage quotes include estimated closing costs. Closing costs contribute to the total cost of a refinance or mortgage loan. Here's an explanation of typical closing costs.

Buying a foreclosed home: Don't get ripped off

HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can offer home buyers good deals on foreclosed homes and condos. These properties are typically sold as-is, but sellers may provide special financing and incentives to those who convert these empty nuisances to occupied homes.

Tailoring your loan term

If you are considering a home refinance but are not interested in extending your loan another 30 years, you may be surprised to find how many mortgage term options you have.

Should you get a no-closing-cost mortgage?

Some mortgage lenders offer refinancing with no closing costs, but it is important to understand what that means.

Mortgage Quotes: A Quick Guide

Mortgage rates are not the only important aspect of comparing mortgage quotes. Here's how to evaluate mortgage loan options quickly and accurately.

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