Utah State Banking Department Information

Posted by  on Aug 25, 2010

Utah Department of Financial Institutions
Mr. G. Edward Leary Commissioner of Financial Institutions
P.O. Box 146800 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6800
Phone: (801) 538-8830 Fax: (801) 538-8894
Consumer Mortgage Loan Tips: http://www.dfi.utah.gov/MtgTips.htm
Mortgage Lending Information: http://www.dfi.utah.gov/Mortgage.htm

The Utah Division of Real Estate is now the primary regulator of residential first mortgage lenders and brokers.

List of Registered Mortgage Lenders: http://www.dfi.utah.gov/mtglist1.htm
Utah Division of Real Estate: http://realestate.utah.gov/
Submit a Complaint: http://realestate.utah.gov/complaint.html
License Verification System: https://secure.utah.gov/rer/relv

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